Yellow flowers in front of grey Swing and Slide doors

Following the success of our Swing and Slide Patio Door, we have now launched a dedicated Twitter channel for this product. Follow @swinganslide today to find out more about the practical alternative to bi-fold doors available from Profix.

A Plotted History

Sliding patio doors have been around for the past fifty years, originally made popular by the post war building boom which saw many homes have larger openings to open up the home, as well as the outside space. Early models were often made of PVC-U but were prone to wrapping and dropping, often making the doors unusable. Then came the “Bringing the Outside In” trend of panoramic, uninterrupted panes of glass which create even less of a barrier between inside and outside living spaces. These large doorsets are usually made of aluminium – thanks to its strength and durability, aluminium can create such slim sightlines that the glazed areas look almost uninterrupted. Bi-folds have been a major part of this trend, made even more popular by programmes like Grand Designs and although this remains a popular option, alternatives are coming to the fore as the restrictions of bi-folds are realised.

The Swing and Slide Difference

The Swing and Slide door is the practical and user-friendly alternative coming to the forefront of the market. Following the trend, it allows the homeowner to open up an entire wall of their home to the outside in the same way that bi-folds do, but without as much ‘door’ to contend with when open. This maximises the view when opened, as well as the opening itself.

The Swing and Slide is proving a popular choice for its flexibility and for the aesthetics of the door when closed. After all, we live in the UK, however much we dream of opening up our homes into the garden and vice versa, how often do we actually get the chance to experience this dream. Therefore, the closed view is as important, if not more so, than the effect created when open. Another feature of the Swing and Slide door is the ability to create airflow, without opening the entire length. Watch this short video to see exactly how this is achieved:

With all of these benefits, this is precisely why we thought it was worthwhile establishing a dedicated social media presence for our Swing and Slide Doors. We want to keep our followers up to date with the very latest information on the features and benefits of this increasingly popular patio door option as well as with any up and coming product developments. We’re also working on a website and online ordering system, due to be launched in December.

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