Residence9 colours

Who said colour was a modern trend?  As well as window styles varying throughout the ages, fashions in colours have changed as well.  For example, in the 17th Century windows were predominately oak or left unpainted, whereas skipping forward to the 19th Century windows were always painted.  Staining was not a traditional finish.  Many of the colours available were made with natural, earth and mineral pigments, as well as black, which was made from burning wood or oil.  Moving forward through the ages, choices became more exotic as chemists were able to make a wider range of colours commercially available.

When it comes to renovating a period property, or replicating a more traditional style, the Profix R9 collection is the revolutionary window and door solution.  Beyond the design, which authentically replicates 19th century timber windows and doors, R9 has the perfect colour collection too.

Residence9 coloursThe R9 Graduate Collection comprises colours and shades to suit different architectural periods.  From ‘No 10 Black’ to the ever popular ‘Grained White’, through natural oak tones to ‘Eclectic Grey’, the Graduate Collection will transform a property, but reflect individual style.  Furthermore, the inspirational dual colour options which allows a different colour choice inside and outside, can complement interior style room by room.  Or you could create a Tudor style using ‘No 10 Black’ frames with ‘Grained White’ sashes, or vice versa.


More Than Colour

The R9 window and door system from Profix is made with a modern composite material which makes it virtually maintenance free – no painting or staining is required for the lifetime of the product. A combination of technology, innovation and design means this window system offers easy clean rebates, market leading thermal and acoustic performance and has achieved one of the highest classifications for weather performance.  And best of all, it is designed and made in the UK.

For more information on the Profix R9 Collection, visit or call 01827 63351.