On April 1st new Minimum Energy Efficiency Standards were introduced, meaning that around 400,000 homes across England and Wales may be rendered unlettable because they waste too much energy.  The new standards say that all commercial and residential rental properties must achieve a rating of Grade E on Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) for any new lettings or lease renewals issued after this date.  Any residential properties on existing tenancies must become compliant by 1st April 2020, while commercial properties must meet them by 1st April 2023.


Hard to Heat

The revised legislation, originating from The Energy Act 2011, intends for all properties that are hard to heat –  whether through poor insulation, draughty or damp conditions – must be upgraded to meet the government targets on reducing carbon.  Of course, this is also beneficial to the properties’ incumbents who will save money on heating bills and to the landlord who will see a possible increase in the value of a property and the potential yield.



  • Around one-third of all fuel-poor households live in the private rental sector.
  • It is currently estimated that 10% of privately rented dwellings currently fall below the E rating
  • Properties achieving a “G” rating can cost an extra £1,150 per year to heat.


The Best Solution

Installing double-glazing into a property will have the highest impact, adding between five and 10 points to your energy score, which could well push your property into a higher band and help it comply with the new regulations.  PVC-U windows are the most cost-effective and thermally efficient solution and — with the wide range of styles available to the market today — there is little issue on finding a suitable product to suit your property and budget.


From standard white PVC-U to high-end timber alternative windows, Profix has them all.  Product and quality innovation comes as standard but what sets us apart is our experience in dealing with multiple-property commissions.  The majority of our work is carried out in the social and private rental sectors so we understand the issues faced by landlords when it comes to renovating occupied properties.  From the outset we can assist you in choosing the best window and door options, tailored to the exact needs of the project, whether that is high security or disabled adaptations.


For more information on how Profix can help you renovate your residential or commercial properties and our extensive product ranges, please visit: http://www.profix.biz/products/ or call us on 01827 63351.