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We’re all too aware of the power property programmes hold with consumers and what an impact they can have, positively or negatively, on our industry. Grand Designs is still seen as an authoritative voice in building design, but there are an increasing number of programmes ‘educating’ consumers in how to make their homes look better, more welcoming, more on trend, as well as the best things to do to make them more sellable when the time comes. Property experts have recently been talking about the importance of the first impression of a house, especially when it comes to selling up, but warn that which colours you choose for your windows and doors could make all the difference. This is good news for anyone selling colour and doing it well, but how far should we have to go when it comes to colour?

From The Experts

The latest Dulux report suggests that the key colour trends for 2018 include tech-inspired blues, earthy palettes and juicy greens. However, according to the property experts quoted in a recent Daily Mail article, it’s not as simple as choosing the most popular colour, or your favourite colour for your front door especially – the best colour for each individual house depends on the position of the property. Pastels work best for city dwellings while natural shades should be used in the countryside. And then of course, there are the fashion-conscious trend setting consumers who want their on-trend bright yellow, pink and turquoise. In fact, according to the Pantone Colour institute’s forecast for 2018, the future is looking even brighter as we choose intense colours to reflect our intense lifestyles! We already know the importance of colour, but as its placed under the spotlight by property experts and predictions for trends for 2018, manufacturers need to be in a strong position to deliver.


Making a Grand Entrance

Our composite doors come in a wide range of colours – in fact any RAL colour finish you’d like – and are available with a grain finish where required to ensure we can meet the increasing demand for colour among consumers. Whether they want to stay ahead of the latest trends or simply make sure their front door stands out from the rest of the street, we have the solution. But our doors don’t just look nice. They come with outstanding weather and security performance as well as excellent thermal performance to keep homes warm in the variable UK weather. The hardware on our doors are completely suited to ensure a classy consistency throughout and homeowners also have a full range of decorative glass options to finish the look of their personalised front door.


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