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At Swing and Slide, we pride ourselves on using top quality materials to make sure our clients get the most out of their new patio doors with durable and sturdy design features.

Aluminum Re-Enforced Vinyl Core

The Swing & Slide door combines the thermal benefits of vinyl with the beauty of painted aluminum.


Mechanically Fastened Corners

Mechanically fastened corners insure a strong door that is able to withstand years of operation.


Block Frame Design

Because all of the width of the door is on the bottom track, the Swing & Slide Door frame is a four-part block design for maximum strength.


Take a look at the Swing and Slide specifications.

Spec sheet

Material: Extruded vinyl core with aluminum cladding.
Outer Frame Types: Aluminium Block
Sash Construction: Mechanically fastened corners
Operation Direction: Out-swing or In-swing
Min Panel Width: 710mm (28 inches)
Max Panel Width: 1016mm (40 inches)
Max System Width: 7000mm (20 feet)
Max System Height: 2430mm (8 feet)

Swing and Slide folding doors product specification options

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