External view of Profix windows in 'chartwell green' colour

Colour trends for windows vary to those of doors. Not massively, but there are different considerations. For example, more people choose black for their front door, than they do for their window profile! Anthracite Grey and Chartwell Green have been popular colours for windows (and doors) for some time and look set to continue to be. Grey is particularly popular as consumers try to emulate the sleek, cool look of aluminium, without compromising on the cost or thermal efficiency benefits they get from PVC-U. Of course, it depends on the property too, as to which colours come out on top. Owners of character properties are often the ones to opt for more pastel or natural wood tones, whereas consumers living in modern houses and apartments are more likely to choose grey.


The choice is personal

Another deciding factor in the colours chosen for windows and doors, is simply personal preference. Some individuals will choose their favourite colour, regardless of style of property or what’s on trend that year, because they feel it says something to the outside world about who they are. According to psychologists, black is a sign of a creative, sensitive individual whereas green is a sign that you’re affectionate and loyal. Whether we know this or not as consumers, we know what we like.

Whatever the style of property, or preference of the homeowner however, one thing is for sure – colour is still on the up and as much as you can predict colour choices to a certain degree through what’s been popular before and reports on colour trends published by paint companies and fashion magazines for example, the fact of the matter for manufacturers is, we need to offer choice.


The choice is Profix

Profix does exactly that with it’s range of RAL colours to suit all needs. Across our range of PVC-U casement windows, tilt and turn, vertical sliders and fully reversible windows, our customers can choose between a vast array of colours to make sure they find the best match for their property and for themselves.

For more information on our window ranges, call 01952 670734 or visit: http://www.profix.biz/ranges/pvcu/windows-pvcu/