Spring is the time when many homeowners start their home improvement plans. Regardless of what the housing market is doing, people want homes they can be proud of and this often starts at the entrance.  Creating a grand entranceway to a home is becoming increasing popular and according to property experts they are now a “must” to add kerb appeal and style to a property.  Going beyond the extensive choice of composite door styles and colours available, many are painting their door frames to match the door to ‘make the door look bigger and more handsome’.

But, don’t forget about the humble back door!

Often a neglected part of the home, when creating a grand entrance at the front why not choose a complementary composite door to go around the back?  A back door is often an entrance directly into the kitchen and therefore a half-glazed or fully-glazed door is a popular choice to let a little extra light into the room.  But, for a little extra privacy at times, integral blinds are a great addition.  Integral blinds fit between the two pieces of glass so they are protected internally from any damage like pets or children running out to play in the back garden and slamming doors. They have fingertip control and UV stable-slats. But most importantly for the kitchen, they require no cleaning to get rid of greasy streaks and are protected from stale cooking odour build up. Grand Entrance composite doors are available in a range of styles and colours, ideal for kitchen and back doors.

Whatever entrance you are looking to create, Grand Entrance composite doors are low maintenance and highly resistant to weathering, so will never rot, swell, warp, twist or need repainting.  Available with a modern or more traditional design in a choice of thirteen door colours, forty glass options and numerous accessories, including integral blinds.  Contact us today on 01952 670734 to find out more, or visit our website: http://www.grandentrance.co.uk/